Danish Blue Cheese

This ivory cheese with nice blue-green veins and an open structure, is firm but sliceable and slightly crumbly and is certain to sit perfectly at any table and beside any dish. The taste has a good balance between mold, salt and the sweet taste of cow’s milk. It starts as a gentle taste, slowly intensifying as it sits on your tongue, ending with a sharp and salty trace. 

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Danish Blue cheese - 3 kg

Semi Hard Cheese, Net Weight Approx. 3 Kg, 50% Fat in Dry Matter. Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Salt, Bacterial Culture P. Roquefort, Rennet.

Blue cheese in oil - 250 gr

A pungent and sharp danish blue cheese marinated with olive oil, peppers and herbs.

Creamy Danish blue cheese - 4KG

it's the art of adding cream to the curd of traditional blue cheese, to give smoother and more luxurious texture. Adding cream gives a perfectly balanced taste between smooth and sharp, with the same nutty hint in our traditional blue cheese.

Blue cheese spread - 285 gr

Mainz Blue cheese spread is flavorful with creamy texture that goes wonderfully with your crackers.